Posted by: Naomi Slade | September 4, 2010

Shaking The Katy Tree

It has all been about apples lately. Picking, cooking, pressing for juice you name it. So far we have picked most of the Devonshire Quarrenden, some of the Reverend Wilks and the Grenadier, and tomorrow I will finish off picking That-aromatic-yellow-one-at-the-bottom-better-check-the-list.

To get a full batch of apples to go to my juicing man, I went to scavenge the fresh fallers and see what was ripe. “I’m off to shake the Katy tree” I cheerfully announced as I left the house. “Sounds interesting, I might come and take photographs!” said my sister-in-law, with a slightly dirty twinkle. Hmmm. Yes. Thanks.

Now as anyone with the merest grasp of Newtonian physics – or at least the legends surrounding the discoveries of the great man – will know, there are hazards inherent in standing under apple trees. I gave it a waggle and ripe fruit cascaded around me. I shook it again and a few more fell, one missing me by inches. Quit while you are winning, I say.

The orchard is a peaceful sort of place. Cool, green and appley, the peace broken by the occasional rustle-thud of another earth-bound faller. Reminded me of  Anansi and the Pudding Tree, but that is, quite literally, another story.


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