Posted by: Naomi Slade | July 12, 2010

Exciting Edibles

cabbage close upIt is the biggest gardening show in the world, but the great thing about RHS Hampton Court is that it is cool and relaxed enough to go its own way. Sufficiently self-confident to experiment. And therefore it evolves interestingly on an annual basis.

This year the grow-your-own element was spectacular. Glorious allotments, huge veg patches, big stands of sunflowers. The current taste for mixing up veg and herbs in the flower border continued and there were some exciting oddities as well.

Even for those of us already sold on kitchen gardening it was an inspiration and in the heat and excitement it was the patterns and shapes of plants in all their intricate detail that stood out and I found myself absorbed in taking abstract pictures of plants like the cabbage above. Check out the Electric Green  blog for my ‘Hampton Court as iterated in plant architecture and geometry’.

I want to try growing strawberry spinach like that in the Shakespeare Trust garden, if I can find it. Although the strawberries may or may not taste any good – it is frowned upon to pick and nibble things. And I’d like to have a go at experimenting with amaranth (rest assured, it is legal…or at least I think so, although best not inhale, I guess).

And now for something I hate, for a change. Egregious bronze goblins. There is really no excuse.


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