Posted by: Naomi Slade | April 30, 2010

A Change In The Weather

It has just started raining for the first time in about a month and it amazing how quickly ones priorities change.

Yesterday morning I was worrying about the watering, all the pots, newly sown seedlings and new shrub planting. By teatime the humidity had drawn dozens of snails from the bushes for a stroll over the garden wall. By 8pm it was properly chucking it down.

My attitude to all things slimy and wriggly tends towards the benign. I put copper rings around vulnerable plants, surround them with sharp chippings, and give all approaching molluscs a good hard stare with a hint of ‘come on if you think you are hard enough’ about it. My next line of defence is to put them in the wheelie bin (and pretend I don’t notice when they escape) and I have been known to take them on a nice walk to the long grass by the canal to take their chances with the local duck population.

But now it is so damp, the slugs are in a party mood. Not good. If they push their luck it will be out with the big guns – standing over them hissing ‘back away from the brassicas or I’m gonna get the Nemaslug out!’. Or possibly start a really strong letter writing campaign. The thrushes and blackbirds seem happy though.

Passive molluscicide aside, today’s jobs include continuing to sow veg. I have the decorative runner bean ‘Painted Lady’ to go in and I am hoping that the contents of the heated propagator will get to a size where I can turf them out and pack in pots of sweetcorn. By now one might well get away with just putting it in the greenhouse, but it comes up so joyously fast in the propagator it is more fun that way.

Have just discovered that the poached egg plant, marigolds and borage have self-sown themselves into the border, so that’s the companion planting sorted. Off to water the greenhouse and check the newly potted up basil seedlings for damping off and other deviant behaviour.


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